Women in Computer Science Club

Boston University

Some Statistics

18 % CS/IT degrees earned by women
53 % of women leave the tech industry (vs 31% of men)
7 % of parters at top VC firms are women
11 % of executive positions held by women at Silicon Valley companies

About Us

Women in Computer Science Club at Boston University is designed to encourage women to participate fully in Computer Science by providing a supportive community, informing members about national computing events, drawing a focus on women in technology, offering mentorship via study groups, social activities, networking opportunities and professional events.

Getting Involved

Check out our calendar to find out more on future meetings and activities. The best way to follow what we are up to is through subscribing to our newsletter list and joining our Facebook group. You could also follow us on Instagram! Our email address is wics@bu.edu.


We are open to corporate sponsorship. With your support, we can conduct additional programming aimed at outreach and community-building internal events. Become a sponsor and make the tech industry a more inclusive and welcoming community along with us!
If you are interested, please reach out at wics@bu.edu.

WiCS E-Board | Splash 2017

President | Kelly Ruan

Kelly will be graduating in May of 2021. Her passions include teaching and programming. She works as a teaching assistant for an introductory CS course during the school year and interned on the Google Ads team this past summer. Her email is kruan [at] bu.edu.

Vice-President | Delaine Rogers

Delaine is a junior double majoring in computer science and math. She has previously interned at Cloudera in Silicon Valley and Comcast’s Freewheel in New York. In her spare time she likes to write, scout for food spots, read, and catch up on dramas. Her email address is darogers [at] bu.edu.

Treasurer | Shimli Satpathy

Shimli will be graduating in May of 2023 with a major in computer science. She was born in India but grew up in South East Asia (Vietnam and Indonesia). In her free time, she enjoys learning new languages and reading novels. Her email address is shimli [at] bu.edu.

Secretary | Zhixing Che

Zhixing will be graduating May of 2022. She is hopeful for the possibilities technology brings to businesses and social enterprises. She worked as a Data Analyst Intern for the non-profit charity: water last summer. Her email address is zche [at] bu.edu.

Event Coordinator | Julie Le

Julie will be graduating May of 2023. She is a licensed TEDx organizer / former speaker and is passionate about creating platforms for everyone to share and innovative ideas, skills and talents. She is in love with the endless possibilities that CS creates and is also apart of CS Connect and TechTogether Boston. Her email address is tjle [at] bu.edu.

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