Women in Computer Science Club

Boston University

Some Statistics

18 % CS/IT degrees earned by women
53 % of women leave the tech industry (vs 31% of men)
7 % of parters at top VC firms are women
11 % of executive positions held by women at Silicon Valley companies

About Us

Women in Computer Science Club at Boston University is designed to encourage women to participate fully in Computer Science by providing a supportive community, informing members about national computing events, drawing a focus on women in technology, offering mentorship via study groups, social activities, networking opportunities and professional events.

Getting Involved

Check out our calendar to find out more on future meetings and activities. The best way to follow what we are up to is through subscribing to our newsletter list and joining our Facebook group. You could also follow us on Instagram! Our email address is wics@bu.edu.


We are open to corporate sponsorship. With your support, we can conduct additional programming aimed at outreach and community-building internal events. Become a sponsor and make the tech industry a more inclusive and welcoming community along with us!
If you are interested, please follow this link to our sponsorship document.

WiCS E-Board | Splash 2017

President | Lin Chen

Lin will be graduating in January of 2019. Interested in how technology innovations disrupt traditional business models in different industries, she has worked in three startups, from New York city to Cambridge. Her goal is to help women majoring in STEM to get more opportunities and to be more visible. Her email address is lc546 [at] bu.edu.

Vice-President | Tammy Qiu

Tammy will be graduating in May of 2019 with a dual degree in Graphic Design and Computer Science. She has worked as a Research Intern at Massachusetts Open Cloud and in Synthetic Biology with the Living Computing Project. She fell in love with the sheer depth and breadth of Computer Science and hopes that more students will come to appreciate the infinite possibilities that the field has to offer. Her email address is tqiu [at] bu.edu.

Head of Operations | Janice He

Janice will be graduating May of 2020. She took a gap year before Boston University, taking IT training and then interning at the Harvard Business School. She is currently a coding instructor at CodingButterfly and has been filmed making coding tutorials. Her email is jkwhe [at] bu.edu

Secretary | Gahouray Dukuray

Gahouray is a Computer Science student at Boston University who is extremely passionate about the social advancement of women of color, especially in the tech field where they are sparse. It is very important to her that women who look like her have a space where they are able to thrive! Her email address is gdukuray [at] bu.edu.

Treasurer | Jennie Nguyen

Jennie will be graduating in May of 2020. She has worked in applications development at Boston Medical Center and enjoys working on apps in her free time. As a member of the E-board, she hopes to share her love for the field of computer science and to help other women feel more confident in a male dominated field. Her email address is jennien [at] bu.edu

Advisor | Victoria Almada

Victoria will be graduating in May of 2019 with a joint degree in Film and Computer Science. She loves understanding how things work and believes that the world is made up of if-statements. She hopes that more women get involved with technology and start appreciating everything Computer Science has to offer. Her email address is valmada [at] bu.edu.

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